Food for Bingo

Bingo players have utilized some tried and tested techniques to boost their winning chances. Others try the not-so-tested strategies but are willing to risk their chances because they say that you will not lose much if you try these strategies. Among those things are the use of items which are believed to induce luck such as talismans, lucky jewelries and other "mystical" stones. Others try to save the seat or the table which they believe would make lady luck favor them over the others.

But, Bingo experts believe that you can work your way up to that Bingo jackpot prize if you try to work on your concentration skills. What else would make your concentration improve than trying to supply your mind with the right brain food?

You have to keep in mind that the brain needs different kinds of nutritional supplements and food to make it focus more and stay alert. The following are the nutrients that you need to be aware of especially when you are warming up for the next Bingo game.

Fatty Acids

Our brain needs fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are one of the brain's essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are responsible for the continuous development of the human brain. Scientists claim that our ancestors before had huge consumptions of essential fatty acids and their fatty acid diet was behind the evolution and development of man's brain. Increase your diet of Omega 3 and Omega 6 to foster your brain's normal growth and development. Sources of these fatty acids include fish and some plant oils.

Amino Acids

Taking foods rich in amino acid is another way of nourishing your brain. Amino acids ensure that the neurotransmitters of your brain function well, making you improve your memory retention and understanding. Before joining a bingo game, start taking in foods rich in amino acids to fortify your brain. Wheat, rice, corn, beef, chicken eggs and milk are among these foods.


Glucose is the only nutrient that is consumed by your brain's cells. Consuming foods rich in glucose is a good way for the mind to easily grasp and adapt to difficult situations and learning tasks. So, start sausages, potatoes, breads and eggs.


Choline enhances your brain's development. Recent studies show that this brain nutrient also improves the brain's memory. It can also lessen the chances among adults to improve memory loss. Sources of choline are meat, nuts and eggs.