Bingo Etiquettes One Must Know

Most bingo players are friendly and helpful to any new players. They are sometimes eager to talk a player through any bingo problems a player might encounter. But always remember that you are on their turf. Here listed are some tips to avoid stepping on anyone's toes as you make your way through any bingo hall.

Keep your voice down. This is the most important of all unwritten bingo rules. You might observe that regular players always pipe down instantly once the caller started the game.

Watch out for those lucky seats. Some bingo players are particular to where they sit. If you happen to sit in a lucky seat of a player, you might be asked to look for another seat. It is a smart idea to go along with the request of that player.

Don't mimic the caller while he is calling out the numbers. Some people have a practice of repeating the numbers as they are called. This method might help them concentrate on their game but to some it may be distracting and annoying. Try not to keep talking and all extra noises must be at a minimum while the caller calls out the numbers.

Keep your kids quiet. Most of the players may understand that you have to bring your kids, but they won't tolerate the noise of the youngsters while they are concentrating on their game. When and if you must bring a kid to a game, see to it that you bring an activity to keep the children occupied throughout the game.

Double checks before you shout bingo. When someone shouts "bingo" it instantly stops the flow of the game. When it is a false bingo, regular players might be mad and annoyed with you, especially if they already crumpled their cards in frustration.

Smoke only in designated areas. Many bingo enthusiasts believe that smoke and bingo are inseparable; in fact it is the only last indoor establishment in the U.S that allows smoking. But to some players, cigarette smoke can destroy their enjoyment of the game and to some; it can even make them sick especially if the hall has poor ventilation. If you smoke try to respect the nonsmoker's area.

Don't take your disappointments and frustrations to the caller. There are times that player when at the verge of losing take their frustrations to the caller by yelling and shouting some comments to the caller. Calm yourself, the caller has no control over the game and your game destiny. You can say to the caller "louder please" or "slow down please" but in a polite manner.

When everyone follows these bingo etiquettes, everyone will have a great time playing. With no misunderstandings and misbehaviors in the hall, the game will run smoothly and all players will have a wonderful time playing.